Industrial Products

We are an exclusive agent and distributor of the following products:

Acess Floors

BERGVIK - Acess Floor for rooms and switchboards and seismic protection (Sweden) Technical Specifications HERE

Knives and Blades

KINETIC - Knives and blades for the paper industry (USA) Technical Specifications HERE

Circular Saws and Blades

MICROBLADE- Circular blades for the paper industry and cork (UK) Technical Specifications HERE

Ceramic Rollers

HOB CERTEC - Ceramic Rollers (CZ) Technical Specifications HERE


We provide consulting services and training to companies which want to start up operations or introduce new products in the Portuguese or international markets.

Marketing consultation and Business Administration (Management)

Psychotherapy , Formation, Reiki, Yoga and Therapeutic bath.

  • Clinic Psychotherapy
  • Hypnobirth
  • Care palliative
  • Yoga
  • Reiki courses I-II-III-IV